How Safe is your Home?

36 people die in house fires every year in Ireland, don’t become another statistic.

Domestic Smoke alarms must be replaced every 10 years.

1. Prevention

Reduce the risk of fire by:

-Cleaning Tumble Dryer frequently and never leave unnattended
- Remove Chip Pan
- No smoking indoors
- Do not leave phone chargers plugged in
- Ensure electrical items with damaged cords are replaced
- Ensure your home electrics are safe

2. Awareness

The most important element for escaping a house fire safely is time.

The sooner you are made aware of a fire, the easier it will be to make your escape.

- Ensure your smoke/heat alarms are replaced every 10 years.
- Ensure you use interlinked smoke/heat alarms.

3. Escape

- Ensure all doors are closed at night to reduce the spread of fire.
- Ensure your kitchen is equipped with a dry powder extinguisher and fire blanket.
Ensure windows are not locked and door keys are accessible.
- If possible, a fire escape ladder should be installed for escape from upstairs windows.