Training has taken on a greater significance in the Cannon Fire Safety Group business more recently as standards have improved and the demand for such training has increased from customers. To meet this need and to provide a full service for clients, Cannon Fire Safety Group has developed and increased its range of training courses ensuring that all trainers are fully up-to-date and compliant with the latest standards.

Our current range of certified training courses includes:

Health & Safety Training: This course utilises the latest standards and procedures in health and safety to ensure that employees and customers are aware of the potential hazards commonplace in most environments and how to deal with such risks.

Fire Warden Training: This course is designed to ensure that all participants understand their duties in the event of a fire and enable them to safely evacuate all persons from the building to the designated fire assembly point, conducting a roll call and conveying relevant information to the Emergency Services. Training also covers a demonstration in the use of portable Fire Extinguishers.

Occupational First Aid Training: Participants who complete this training will gain the necessary skills to treat a patient for any injury or sudden illness prior to the arrival of the Emergency Services.

Manual Handling Training: This course is designed to ensure that all participants receive and understand the skills necessary to safely manage loads in the workplace and home environments.

Forklift Training: Our professional training course ensures that employees are up-to-date with the latest safety operating procedures and their legal responsibilities in this respect. The programme ensures that all staff receive comprehensive practical and theoretical safe forklift use onsite and certified to the RTITB standard.

Patient Handling: This course has been specifically designed to assist people responsible for the care of people in a hospital, nursing home or home environment to move and/or lift them safely without causing injury to the patient or carer.

Confined Spaces Training: Participants who take part in this course are taught how to deal with stress and pressure when in spaces. They also learn how to manage people who suffer with claustrophobia.

Breathing Apparatus Training: This course trains participants in the correct use of various breathing apparatus.

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