CFSG provides a range of fire alarms and general alerting options for the commercial and the domestic markets. Catering for the deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing.

Our founder Brian Cannon has a keen interest in providing safety devices for the deaf/hard of hearing as he himself has a disabling hearing loss that requires him to wear two hearing aids. We are acutely aware of the difficulties faced by the deaf/hard of hearing on a daily basis and the fact that many public buildings do not provide deaf accessible fire alarm cover as required by the various standards.

Silent Alert Commercial Firesafe Systems

This is a deaf fire alarm interface that links with any existing commercial fire alarm system and complies with all the relevant parts of I.S. 3218 2013 and EN54-25 2008 & BS5839-1 2002. This system can help make you compliant with Part 3 of the Disability Act 2005. Other workplace alerting options can be integrated with this system such as telephone, intercom, etc.

SA 3000

The Silent Alert Wireless Personal Paging System offers a choice of portable receivers to alert you to all the important sounds around the home (smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, burglar, car alarms, baby monitor, telephone, etc…).

Care Call
Care Call is a discreet wireless alerting system for carers. It consists of a range of alerting options from bed leaving alarms, chair leaving alarms, movement monitors and emergency pendants. Some special consideration has been integrated into some of these devices for Alzheimer and Dementia clients. These products are suitable for use in a home care environment or in a large care facility such as a nursing home or hospital.

Induction Loops System

Hearing loss is the largest disability and affects 1 in 6, yet it is rarely noticed. For hard of hearing people simple activities are a constant struggle.

We want to help people with hearing loss to get taken seriously, making it easier and more enjoyable for them to live their daily lives.

We offer professional induction loops (with 5 year warranty), assistive listening for transport, theatres, churches, or any public buildings. Also domestic induction loops and wireless microphone systems.