We need to make you aware of the potential insurance problems with non-maintained Fire Alarm Systems. Most commercial insurance specifies the need for these Systems to be maintained up to four times a year (more than 20 devices) or twice a year (less than 20 devices if no sleeping accommodation) in accordance with the relevant standard.

It is your obligation under the Health, Safety & Welfare at Work Act 2005 that all reasonable measures be taken to ensure the safety of your employees.

The maintenance of Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Systems to IS 3218 and IS 3217 should be carried out regularly. In some circumstances this may be overlooked, however the loss of insurance cover as a result of non-maintenance is not worth the risk.

Cannon Fire Safety Group would therefore ask companies to check their records and ensure that:-

  • all premises under their control are covered by a regular maintenance contract
  •  their Service Provider is qualified and competent to issue certificate of testing under the relevant standards i.e. Fire Alarm (IS 3218 2013) Emergency Lighting (IS 3217 2008) Fire Extinguisher (IS 291/2002)

If you have any premises that are not covered, please call us, as we would be happy to offer you advice or a quotation.

Indeed, should you already be covered but are not satisfied with the maintenance of your Fire or Safety Systems, then call us now to ensure that you receive an excellent standard of service at a competitive price. Get in touch and/or ask a quotation.